Baggage Barrows and Industrial Trailers

  • Standard Baggage Barrow

  • Baggage Barrow no tarp or tarp box, gate ends only

  • Two Baggage Barrows ready for dispatch

  • Flat deck Self tracking 5T trailer

  • 3T self tracking with front gate end in train, solid rubber wheels

  • 800kg Army trailer, pull along cart, can have tow eye

BJ Turner Baggage Barrows and Custom Industrial Trailers are the industry standard.

We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing Barrows and Industrial Trailers to customer requirements.  Industrial Trailers can be made to take anywhere from 500kg upwards.  We have manufactured them to take up to 10 Tonne.  We have made Trailers for “ugly” or non standard freight, for crayfish, blueberry and fruit and veg transport, for massive electrical cables on the docks, just to name a few applications.  We are solutions based manufacturers, so give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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Covered Baggage Barrow.

Our new Covered Barrow can be made in a range of standard tarp colours and have branding applied. A little smaller than the standard barrows, it reduces exposure of luggage to the elements.

Covered Baggage Barrow