Animal Traps and Caging

We manufacture a wide range of safe and easy to use live animal traps that are the preferred trap of Councils, Zoos, Sanctuaries, Wildlife Researchers and Pest Controllers. Available for Possums, Cats, Rats, Dogs, Foxes, Pigeons, Sparrows, Bandicoots, Wombats, Pigs or to your specification. We pride ourselves on the fact that our traps will not injure the animal.

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"Animal traps Testimonial"

“Wiretainers are about the only Aussie company that I know of making a cage-trap that is robust enough to be suitable for the type of ongoing native wildlife monitoring work that we do here in Far East Gippsland. Our traps stay out in the bush, so we need a reliable trap that can handle field conditions, and Wiretainers make the traps we need. You might find a cheaper trap, but they won’t last the way Wiretainers traps do.”
- Andrew Murray, Southern Ark Operations Manager, Natural Environments Program Forests Fire & Regions, Department of Land Water Environment & Planning