Trolleys and Hand Trucks

Custom Made Trolleys

At BJ Turner, we manufacture to your requirements. We have made trolleys for poolside storage, trolleys for the movement of polypipe, keg trolleys, piano trolleys, hand trolleys, just to name a few. We pride ourselves on being a solutions manufacturer, so will be able to assist with your requirements.

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Pipe Trolleys

This pipe pack trolley is used to move packs of pipe around the yard. We manufacture these for plastic, or a more heavy duty one is our trolley for copper pipe.

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Lift Assist Rubbish Trolley, or LART

The LART or Lift Assist Rubbish Trolley is a unit that is widely used for rubbish pick up around schools and workplaces. This unit comes with a replaceable bag and once the unit is full, you hook it up to the skip and release the brake and the gas struts lift the insert and empty the bin for you. This bin cuts out the OHS issues of lifting.

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Hand Trolleys

Our robust Australian made hand trolleys come in a range of configurations, with different wheels, handles and toe plates. These trolleys will last a lifetime.

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KegMobil Trolley

Our Australian made KegMobil trolley comes as the Original or the All Terrain. The Original KegMobil is perfect for smooth concrete surfaces, and the All Terrain KegMobil is perfect for uneven surfaces.

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