Forklift Safety Cage Work Platform

Forklift trucks are generally designed to lift palletised goods, not people. But some of our everyday jobs require that your employees work high above ground level. This is where the BJ Turner forklift safety cage comes in. The BJ Turner forklift safety cage attaches to the fork tynes of your vehicle, and is manufactured in Preston to the Australian Standard AS2359.1

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Our BJ Turner forklift safety cage work platform comes standard with:

  • auto tyne lock on pick up
  • an inward-opening, self closing door
  • mesh infill all round
  • safety chains
  • front and side guardrails
  • chequer plate flooring
  • rated safety harness clipping point
  • Signage plate with essential safety information
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Our safety cage is 1200 x 1200 x 2000mm and is rated to carry 250kg.  You will need to check your forklift to see if it’s suitable for use with a forklift safety cage.  The BJ Turner forklift safety cage work platform is a great option for completing tasks where ladders or scaffolding are impractical or dangerous.

You can also purchase a harness and lanyard from us with your Australian made Forklift safety cage.