Wiretainers Cat Trap or Rabbit Trap

Australian Made Cat trap. We even manufacture the mesh in our NSW plant. A specialized cat trap for catching feral cats, as used by Councils, Parks, Government, Zoos and Land Care Groups. This is a very robust cat trap that gets excellent feedback from users everywhere. The Wiretainers Cat Trap is easy to set and very reliable. It also works for kittens and rabbits.

710 x 310 x 310mm

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"Great Aussie Traps"

“Wiretainers are about the only Aussie company that I know of making a cage-trap that is robust enough to be suitable for they type of ongoing native wildlife monitoring work that we do here in Far East Gippsland. Our traps stay out in the bush, so we need a reliable trap that can handle field conditions, and Wiretainers make the traps we need. You might find a cheaper trap, but they won’t last the way Wiretainers traps do.”
- Andy, DELWP

Wiretainers Trap Rake

A fantastic accessory for use with our Cat or Possum traps, it allows you to hold the animal in place and open the trap to refresh food and water.